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Web Design and Development

Websites are quintessential investments crafted to achieve pinnacles in the online world. Give your visionary ideas life by connecting with Techies Infotech. We deliver 360 degrees website development and design solutions backed with high-end performance features. We empower you digitally by keeping sky as the only limit.

Our Services

Our Services

WordPress development

WordPress is proving to be a thriving web development platform. It offers a robust, user-friendly and easy to use environment for generating impeccable websites. Techies Infotech strives hard in contemplating your business objectives and presenting them in a way; the market embraces it.

We house a proficient team of WordPress developers who have experienced each realm of WordPress.We leave no stone unturned to make you swoon with our customer-tailored WordPress solutions and make you believe that we are THE ONE for all your web needs.

eCommerce development

We are known for extending our boundaries, and this made us capable of developing high-end eCommerce platforms. Our unstinting focus, the promise of excellence and profound knowledge are the pillars that made us the leading eCommerce development company.

We are the artists of converting visitors into buyers. Under one-roof, you are entitled to a galore of benefits generated from websites. We ensure to integrate hassle-free buying experience, seamless access and a secure environment for your customer.

Website Redesign

Websites are the mere reflection of your business, so they need to be perfect. Your website designs must not be ordinary so that they shoo away your customers. Flipping trends always push us to come out of our shell, and we do it in the best possible way.

Our website redesigning services always result in thriving outcomes and tapping opportunities. We primarily focus on getting rid of every obsolete fragment, be it content or technology. We transform your platform, giving it a new face and a vigour ultimately bringing a plethora of sales to the platform.

Website maintenance

People are becoming tech-savvy, and they are not going to rest for something less than best. Thus, if you don’t want your website to be stale, maintenance and consistent monitoring of it is imperative. Techies Infotech is the partner for life, offering dedicated website support and maintenance to ensure its efficient working.

Our web development services make sure to keep the website updated according to the market trends and customer interest. This ultimately results in increased traffic, enhanced user experience, profitable results and numerous other benefits.

Why knock our door for web design and development services?

Why knock our door for web design and development services?

Impactful UI/UX design

There’s a common saying that “Unless you can’t show, you can’t sell”. So, interface designs are all that matters to land a customer on your platform. And being the best in this field, Techies Infotech has got the excellent team of UI/UX designers whose work speaks volumes for them. We give life to your ideas and path to your goals through our impactful UX/UI designs.

Result-driven SEO

We design SEO friendly websites that assist you in driving sales to your platform. We highly focus on keeping you ahead in this cut-throat competition and taking you close to your target audience. Our SEO strategies incorporate every feature that ends you at number one position of your niche.

Responsive design

Your customers can never bounce off because of the website’s compatibility. We primarily focus on crafting responsive websites that can be operated on any and every device and system. Efficiency is what our results express every time.

Adherence to coding standards

Our developer and designers follow a consistent standard in terms of designing and coding. As per the client’s requirements, we use the technology of his choice following clean coding practices that meet global standards. Not just in our words but in our work, we deliver the promise of excellence every time.

Fixed pricing

We are known for our upstanding code of ethics that make us the leading web development company. Being customer-oriented, we forbid to burn your pocket and perhaps for this; we induced the fixed price model. Goals, discussions, project requirements, deadlines and prices are all the part of our foreplanning. Our model allows the negotiation before the project is handled and not after making it price compliant for both the parties involved.

Rich and trustworthy experience

We primarily focus on developing a website that manages to positively engage with any and every customer. An experience worth leaving other platforms is our primary objective. Our work speaks volumes for our company and its skills, professionalism and morals.

Technology stack

Technology stack


We house the masters of HTML(Hypertext markup language) skills. With profound knowledge and experience, our developers never fail to change the game for our clients. Being well versed with realms of HTML, they can effortlessly incorporate JavaScript and CSS to take innovation to the next world.


CSS is a platform that integrates technical knowledge and creativity to bring remarkable outcomes. Having hands-on skills of playing with CSS, our developers can present the simple HTML files into distinctive and result-orientation websites. We never fail to be innovative.


Bootstrap continues to contribute to our success stories. Our hands-on command in Bootstrap resulted in building a galore of interactive and attractive front-end components. If you are hunting for something that fascinates you at the first glimpse, Techies Infotech is your place.


Another forte of our developers is PHP. Our developers have aced the skills of clean PHP coding and build impeccable websites. The trait of dynamism is what makes PHP our core technology for development.


Being a dynamic paradigm of Java, Node.JS makes your website usable on every platform. The technical versatility of our experts helps them effortlessly bring incredible outcomes using this open-source, cross-platform JavaScript environment.


Another asset of our developers is their profound knowledge of SQL(Structured query language). This technology is a blessing for the ones struggling to manage their data. But our eagle-eye and commitment towards clients resolve every relational database management system’s issue.


For native- android applications, we incorporate the use of this high-level language and multi-paradigm; Javascript. Our team of developers are always adding feathers to the hat by creating one-of-a-kind mobile applications using Javascript. Dynamism and dedication are the pillars of our company.


Another technology we have aced is CodeIgnitor. It is a highly impactful PHP framework which assists our developers by providing a simple and intuitive fully backed up toolkit to create featured web applications. We also incorporate this toolkit to build high-end and customer engaging websites.


Another competent skill of our’s is Python. By using this dynamic, clear and powerful programming language, we never fail to deliver the promise of excellence. We craft high-end comprehensive softwares meeting every requirement of clients. If perfection is what you are hunting for, then perhaps Techies Infotech should be your show stopper.


Our specialization in WooCommerce has transformed eCommerce businesses and skyrocketed their sales. Every dimension including interface, customer experience, content management and tightened security is our forte. We offer end-to-end WooCommerce services with utter dedication and efficiency.


Magento is yet another pride of our company. The platform is gaining expanding popularity and has become a necessity nowadays. It is changing the website development structure by enabling an incredible set of services. Get the finest eCommerce store using our Magento services.


With changing times, we have mastered advanced technologies like the Shopify platform. Our developers thoroughly understand the business objectives and then create motivating and customer-engaging designs. We offer end to end Shopify services for uncovering great eCommerce opportunities.

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